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Yeah, we use ingredients with numbers. Like Omega 3.

Scientists define organics as ‘the production of food under a pure, natural and sustainable system in harmony with nature’. 

You won’t find any synthetic products or genetically modified materials in our products; no trickery, no myths. Our organic practices work to respect all life, embrace biodiversity and take into account animal welfare. While that last bit sounds like it came from our lawyer (she helped us with the words) these are all the reasons we started Wildbag in the first place. Our products breathe with nature, so we can do the same for years to come.

Eat this, nature. 

We don’t dig chemicals (in our products or on our bags). In fact, our bags are printed with vegetable ink – in a printing house that runs on solar. They’re also biodegradable, so they’re free to go back to where they came from – the wild.