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French Vanilla & Matcha Superfood Green Smoothie Bowl (Vegan)


Matcha Maiden green tea powder
Frozen coconut yoghurt 
Coconut yoghurt


Use 1/2 a tsp of matcha & swish it through 2 Tbsp boiled water until it is a smooth runny paste.
Add 1 Tbsp of coconut yoghurt to matcha and stir through. 
Blend frozen coconut yoghurt, coconut yoghurt & Wildbag vanilla pea protein till all combined. Depending on what consistency you prefer add more frozen yoghurt if you like it thick or add more coconut yoghurt if you prefer it thin. 
Pour smoothie into a bowl, get matcha and pour into the centre of the smoothie then using the end of a tsp in circular motions, swirl the matcha through the smoothie working your way out to the edge of the bowl. 
Top with passionfruit, coconut, green grapes, sliced green apples, lime & mini matcha choc bliss balls.