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Wildbag choc peppermint protein balls

Posted by Shilpa Bhim on
Wildbag choc peppermint protein balls

Y’all know how much we like to treat ourselves and these tasty choc peppermint protein balls sure hit the spot! Perfect for a snack during the day, or as a substitute for the classic after dinner mint.


1 cup of nuts (1/2 cup each of walnuts and almonds)
1 cup of dates
3 tbs Wildbag cacao superfood protein
1-2 heaped tbs raw cacao
1 tsp peppermint extract (or 1-2 drops of ppermint oil)
Desiccated coconut or raw cacao powder (for rolling)


Blitz all the ingredients in a food processor. 

Roll into balls and coat in cacao powder or coconut if desired.

So easy and satisfying - enjoy! 


Recipe by: Renae (@the_wholesome_nutritionist)

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