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On The Run - Featuring Bonnee Fahlstrom

Posted by Shilpa Bhim on
On The Run - Featuring Bonnee Fahlstrom

At Wildbag we believe that to really shine on the outside, it's important to first make sure you're glowing on the inside. We recently caught up with Bonnee Fahlstrom, Naturopath and Nutritionist extraordinaire, model and founder of Bodee by Bonnee to find out more about being the best version of you from the inside out.

Tell us about yourself in twenty words or less.

Ultimately, I want others to have compassion for all living beings and feel beautiful inside and out.  I am dedicated to encouraging others with whole food recipes, nutrition and education on the science within your body! To help others live their healthiest and most beautiful life. To trust life. I’ve always been guided by my own intuition. Don’t force things, just be, and life will unfold and you will attract the right energy into your space. I can’t compress my opinions obviously! ... This is more than 20 words! HAHAHA.

How did the idea for Bodee by Bonnee come about?

By studying Health Science, I learnt further about the science within the body on how to nourish myself and it helped me understand my own body. So by continuing to expand my knowledge in nutrition, as I am fascinated about the connection between the mind and the body as it is all interrelated.  Food as medicine is such a beautiful term to me.  Organic foods can do so much for you and you can instantly feel it. As a Nutritionist/Naturopath I am determined to educate and send a message of wholesomeness and wellbeing, that’s now my brand Bodee By Bonnee.

Who is your biggest inspiration/influence and why?

I have so much respect for my mumma. She set me up for the holistic life I have now pursued. My mumma raised me herself and has always embraced healthy organic living - she instilled the beliefs that I now have of highly valuing my health, mental state and my love for yoga. I grew up surrounded by models, stylists, hair and makeup artists and the creatives. My mum modelled and I grew up on locations and in studios with her. I started modelling when I was around 3 so from such a young age it always felt natural to me. My mum experienced very similar things so she always has the most valuable advice and guidance. I think that modelling, like any career is what you personally make of it - if you want to take it seriously you have to be prepared to work hard. My mum has always kept me grounded. I think I am natural in an uncontrived way. For me, modelling is more about building a profile of who I am and sharing it with the world. I am grateful for meeting and learning from inspiring creatives and eccentrics over the years.

What has been your biggest achievement/accomplishment/lesson you have learned to date? 

I have saved thousands of bees with @savethebeesaustraila.

Bees are my favourite animal. There’s this brilliant documentary called Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us? I think it so crucial for people to be educated about bees - they pollinate almost all the food we eat. They are sooo incredibly amazing! Bees are so essential to the continuing health of our beautiful planet and are irreplaceable contributors to the life cycle of flowering plants, making it possible for them to provide us with the nutritious fruits we eat, and oxygen we breathe. You have a bee to thank for every one in three bites of food you eat. A single bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers each day!

If there was anything that I felt that I could do that would really contribute to what I think is one of the most important issues in human history is to save bees and educate people on how incredible they are.  I’m hopeful that we’ll evolve as a species. But there is something about human nature that is very destructive. 

How do you stay wild?

Working out is my down time, running along the beach with my boyfriend Conrad, finishing hot yoga and swimming in the ocean, being in my space in nature gets me into a really positive headspace. I don’t have time for a hangover.

Your best advice for someone looking to start their own blog?

I highly recommend growing a thick skin and avoiding taking rejection personally. I use Instagram/Blogging as a platform to inspire and educate. There are also positives that stem from online activity. Instagram is also an incredible way to control your own image. This platform enables models to showcase their own personal and favourite pick of images to clients and project their personality. I like to not only promote my current campaigns, but also provide an insight into my healthy life. By using my profile to encourage and influence people to become more connected with their health is the most important motivator for me. The truth is, the most fun things you do you don't post them on social media because you don't have your phone with you!

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