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New Recipe: Summer Coconut Smoothie!

Posted by Adam Lagan on
New Recipe: Summer Coconut Smoothie!

This smoothie looks so much like a beautiful painting you almost won't want to drink it.... almost ;) 

According to Kadence, "the best way to cool off is to embrace the season and make a refreshing summer coconut smoothie and snack on some mango" - you won't hear us complaining about that!


1 serving of Wildbag Raw Superfood Protein - Organic Coconut
1 frozen banana 
1/4 pineapple
1 cup ice
1/2 cup Coconut milk
1 tbsp @just_blends pink dragonfruit powder (to make it pretty).


Blend until smooth, obvs. 

Recipe by Kadence over at @featherandcrumb

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