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March Matcha Madness

Posted by Bhavana Bhim on
March Matcha Madness

I was minding my own business watching My Kitchen Rules and suddenly all that appeared on the screen was Matcha. Matcha tea, Matcha in the mains, entrée, and even in the dessert. Since when has food become so appealing being green? I don’t even know where to begin…

I must admit, I’m obviously not on the foodie bandwagon, as I hadn't tried Matcha yet.

For all the Matcha virgins, that don’t know what I am talking about (if there's even any left...Matcha has been known to get around lately...) I believe it is the time for me to enlighten you to… Matcha powder. 

Now if you go to Starbucks, you may be familiar with this peculiar powder as it is famously used in Green Tea Lattes. For many years, I wondered what they put into the drink to make it look like a glorious lime milkshake. Well the answer was right in front of me, Matcha of course!

Matcha is a finely processed green tea in a powder form. Instead of your usual teabag, or leaves, people have cottoned on to the specially produced green tea powder. This is because it is effortlessly dissolves into water or milk for ease of consumption.

Originally grown in China, Matcha was brought to Japan, where it was imbibed during traditional tea ceremonies.

These days, Matcha is making its rounds globally as a fashionable foodie trend. People are suckers for the aesthetics and major health benefits from this powder. Most likely in that order. 

Aside from containing many antioxidants to revitalise the body, Matcha can calm our mind, body and spirit. As well as boosting metabolism, Matcha can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well as decrease inflammation in the body. In your usual cup of tea made from tea bags or leaves, the liquid diffuses the positive nutrients out. When you wolf down some Matcha, you are directly absorbing nutrients from specially produced powder, strongly effecting the body. Whether, sweet or savoury you can add Matcha to whatever meal you like, just remember to take it moderation of course!

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to get on trend with Matcha… but I finally ordered a Green Tea Latte and it was great!

I felt much better, calmer, and surprisingly more awake...

...even though I didn’t have my second cup of coffee for the day! If you haven’t given it a go, I do recommend it, as a healthier alternative to a regular caffeine fix. 

You can even try it with your Wildbag - check out this amazing Wildbag + Matcha green smoothie bowl!



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