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Flower Power

Posted by Bhavana Bhim on
Flower Power

Last week we were all about gearing up for Winter, but for all the northern hemisphere dwellers out there, Spring is at the helm and that means flowers are in full bloom. Coachella is also in full bloom as we speak fyi (as if you didn't know) and we're all about that party in the desert with all the people and the cacti lifestyle #cactuslyf.

Anyway, when you walk into a room of flowers your spirits are immediately on high (unless you have hay fever, 'cause flowers = no fun when you have hay fever ... so you probably shouldn't walk into a room full of flowers if that's the case). The fragrance and radiant power of the petals brighten your soul. However, this doesn’t last long as flowers eventually dry up and die because Lion King (the cycle of life...etc.). 

Question: have you ever wanted to make the most of flower power?

I can just imagine you nodding your head and thinking "hell yeah" as you munch on your Easter eggs. Well, I believe you can make the most of flower power through eating them. Yes, you heard me right, edible flowers are making their rounds and appearances on everyone’s #foodporn insta pics, and, as a bonus, they're a 100% natural culinary treat - unlike those Easter eggs, but hey, a little bit of chocolate never hurt nobody!

Little did you know, the use of flowers in the culinary arts, dates to ancient times. Do you recall seeing petals used in Indian cooking or used as garnish in pasta? The best part about consuming edible flowers is that you get a range of flavours ranging from fragrant florals to sharp spices. Whether you want a dash of colour on your plate or a bit of extra flavour, use flowers to brighten up the meal and your inner body health. 

There are plenty to choose from; chives, roses, marigolds and purslanes have proven to be rich in Vitamin C. Dandelion flowers are rich on Vitamin A.  Chamomile and lavender blooms ease stress and promote calmness within the body. Violets are good as an anti-inflammatory; perfect for all the southern hemisphere dwellers suffering from pre-winter colds! If you have respiratory problems or want to soothe the stomach, then Honeysuckle is your new best friend.

Now be mindful, flowers may look innocent but some species are harmful. So, you need to make sure you are eating safe. Black Locust, Buttercups and Deadly Nightshade (hence the name - you want to avoid it even if you don't have hay fever!) are a few in the huge list of flowers to avoid. Just make sure you do your research before consuming, especially if you suffer from allergies.

I’m sure many of you have seen this quote popping up on Tumblr and Pinterest pages:

“I eat flowers because you are what you eat and I want to be beautiful…”

I mean, why not…...?   

Since there are thousands of flavours and varieties to choose from, the world is your oyster when it comes to deciding what flowers you consume. From a simple garnish, to infused flavours in cooking and baking, the power of the flower proves to be a groovy and alternative health fix. So put down that chocolate and start channeling some of that flower power - your body will thank you for it!



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