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Beat that afternoon slump with these five healthy snacks

Posted by Shilpa Bhim on
Beat that afternoon slump with these five healthy snacks

You know the drill. You've been busy working away all day, so busy that you barely had time to eat lunch. Suddenly it's 3pm and you start crashing. You figure you should grab some sweet treats from the office chocolate stash to get you through the afternoon. But that may not be the best idea. 

Food is fuel for our bodies and research has shown that it's not a sweet, sugary snacks that will help your body perk back up once you've hit a slump. Instead, a snack with a healthy mix of protein and fiber is more likely to give you the afternoon pick me up you need. 

Here are five of our favourite healthy afternoon snacks that will give you that protein/fiber hit and keep your energy levels going once 3pm hits.

  1. Bliss balls (we're massive fans and have a whole bunch of delicious recipes here)
  2. Apple or banana with peanut butter on it (trust us it tastes amazing)
  3. Yoghurt and berries (the perfect combination!)
  4. Carrot or celery sticks with hummus (probably one of my all time favourite snacks)
  5. Almonds (they're full of all the good stuff, like little nuggets of gold)

Are any of these your go to afternoon snack? Let us know in the comments, and as always #staywild!

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  • Wildbag on

    We love carrot sticks and hummus! A delicious and healthy snack that gets you through is the best :)

  • Mel on

    I love a handful of almonds or some carrot sticks and hummus. Perks me up and gets me through ☺

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