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Avoid the Christmas bulge without avoiding Christmas

Posted by Shilpa Bhim on
Avoid the Christmas bulge without avoiding Christmas

Christmas - it’s a wonderful time of the year! Endless Christmas parties, BBQs at the park, flowing bubbles and just lazing around in the glorious sunshine. But all that good food, booze and partying comes hand in hand with inevitable bloating and weight gain. However, it is possible to enjoy the festive season and still be looking and feeling great at the end of it.  

Here are our top five tips to help you avoid the Christmas bulge, without avoiding Christmas:

Try not to show up to a party starving

This increases your chances of snacking lots on high calorie party food, and eating way more than you need to at meal time. Instead, try to have a light and healthy snack before you head out - you’ll be less likely to overeat this way.

Eat healthy in between Christmas parties

Even though your calendar is full of social events, it’s important to try to stick to a healthy routine in between. Prepping healthy meals for the days in between events will help you stay on track amongst all the Christmas madness.

Allow yourself to indulge, but plan in advance

It’s Christmas, and  it’s nice to treat yourself once in a while! However, rather than using the “but it’s Christmas” excuse at every party, limit yourself to a couple of indulgent meals over the silly season. It’s all about balance, right?!

Enjoy alcoholic drinks, but in moderation

It’s easy enough to enjoy some festive bubbles without going overboard. Try swapping out your glass of champagne for bubbles of a different kind - like soda water with some lemon or lime in it. It’ll keep you hydrated, and keep your sugar intake in check.

Keep a regular exercise routine going

No matter how busy your social calendar may be, set  aside 15 minutes of training every day.  Whether it’s walking, HIIT, yoga or just a run - you’ll boost your metabolism and get your blood flowing. Your body and mind will thank you for this one amongst all the Christmas antics.

Above all else, remember to stay safe and #staywild.


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