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5 Activewear Outfits That You Can Rock From A Workout To Weekend Brunch

Posted by Shilpa Bhim on
Wildbag 5 activewear outfits you can rock from a workout to weekend brunch

Activewear outfits have evolved from something you just wear to exercise in, to an actual look that can take you from your morning workout to brunch with your friends. 

Perhaps this is why we’ve seen more and more brands releasing activewear outfits that serve the desired dual purpose: suitable for getting your sweat on, and stylish enough to rock out on the streets afterwards.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our current 5 favourite activewear outfits that will have your weekend workout and brunch look sorted. Keep scrolling to check these outfits out (and maybe pick up a set or two while you’re at it!)

Flightmode Fonda Bralette And Tight 

Activewear outfit that you can wear to your workout and brunch


Hello '80s! This Navy and Pink colour block set is so in right now. We’ve seen all our favourite fitness influencers rocking this one - from Kayla Itsines to Steph Claire Smith. You’ll be the envy of all your fellow gym-goers and friends in this look, that’s for sure. Shop the look here.

Adidas Statement Collection Don’t Rest Iteration Bra and Believe This Tights

Activewear outfit to wear to your workout and brunch


The Adidas Statement Collection has been created to be as strong and bold as you are! You’ll be in good company rocking this look, with fierce women like Karly Kloss, Shay Mitchell and Dua Lipa representing this collection. Click here to get your hands on this look!

P.E Nation Wicket Keeper Crop And Hammer Throw Legging

Activewear outfits you can wear to your workout and weekend brunch


Fashion meets form with this awesome look, having been rocked by a range of women from athlete Gina DiNapoli to beauty entrepreneur Eleanor Pendleton. We love the structure the checkered look gives this outfit too - would it be pushing it too far if we wear this to the office?!? You can buy this look here.

Jaggad Core Muscle Tank And Classic 7/8 Leggings

Activewear outfit to wear to workout and brunch


 Stylish and simple, this look is a classic, and perfect for getting your stretch on - just like Tahlia Ware. We also love this look for chilling out in on the weekend - so comfortable! Shop the look here.

New Guard Viral Crop and Biker Short

Activewear look that you can wear to workout and weekend brunch


This pop of colour is perfect for summer (which is just a round the corner, yaaaaas!). Plus we love that the biker short look is coming back into fashion, ah the sweet childhood memories. Buy this look now, here.

Which set is your favourite out of these 5? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, #staywild!

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